Eco-fiction – the SuperGenre hiding in plain sight[1]

When some of the earliest imagery created by humans depicts their interactions with their environment, it is astounding to think that Eco-fiction as a genre was identified and defined merely a few decades ago. Simply put, Eco-fiction portrays aspects of the natural environment and non-human life as an evolving entity with agency in its relationship …

Chance and the Prepared Mind – a 21st century perspective

“…by chance you might say. But remember gentlemen, in the fields of observation, chance favours only the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur, December 7th 1854. Listen... December 2022 marks the bicentennial of the discovery of the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism by Hans Christian Ørsted just a few months prior to the birth of Louis Pasteur …

READ4LIFE Podcasts

Now Listen to Developmental Bibliotherapy as a podcast... Developmental Bibliotherapy: A quick Introduction Cli-Fi: Reframing Young People's responses to Climate Change Chance and the Prepared Mind Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Reading and the Default Mode Network

Reading Fiction activates the Default Mode Network, with its positive links to eudaimonic states and wellbeing, aesthetics, social responsibility, and the self awareness that necessitates the welfare of the self in future endeavours.