A quick overview of Developmental Bibliotherapy

If you’re new to Developmental Bibliotherapy – why not start with a video or a podcast.

Developmental Bibliotherapy in the Classroom on YouTube

Using Clifi to reframe Young People’s responses to Climate Change

Read4Life podcasts

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Who is this web site for?

This web site is for School Librarians who are advocating for meaningful change in the lives of their students but are struggling with disappearing classes and shrinking budgets.

This web site is for Student Welfare Officers who have yet to discover why the School Librarian should be part of their Student Welfare Team.

This web site is for Curriculum Designers who want to provide meaningful and lifelong educational outcomes for their students but with a modest budget.

On this web site I have shared the evidence, the arguments, the activities and some of the resources School Librarians can use to advocate for this cost effective strategy, called Developmental Bibliotherapy, which can help young people navigate adolescence.

Hopefully you will discover why the School Librarian could be the most valuable Student Welfare Resource you’ve never thought of.

About Me

A love of Mathematics and Science led me on a path to a Bachelor of Education, followed by Graduate Diplomas in Computer Science and Information Management. But my seemingly insatiable thirst for information, a demand for answers and a love of books drew me into studies into Literature for Mental Health.

As a teacher librarian, I realised the special relationships many students build with their school librarian, helping them view their library as a safe place – a learning environment where they are able to explore ideas and be themselves free of judgement from others.

Buoyed by studies in Youth Mental Health First Aid , I began to investigate how Young Adult Fiction can mitigate the disruption of mental health issues in young people.

While not a panacea, I believe the evidence clearly shows that the School Library is a critical component of an education that enables our young people to build and maintain better mental health.

Reading For Wellbeing Download

This booklet was designed to be used by teachers, librarians, student welfare officers and parents. It was not intended that this booklet be available to all students, but that it augment programs and insights of teaching and welfare staff, and provide guidance and understanding of reading matter for the Young Adults in their care.

Words to live by…

We’re fools if we dance, and we’re fools if we don’t.
So we might as well dance.

Japanese Proverb

Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power.

 Lao Tzu

Treat yourself like you would someone you are responsible for helping.

Jordan Peterson
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